Monday, July 2, 2007

Abigail Clancy & Peter Crouch (Liverpool) holiday

21 year old English model Abbey Clancy & her boyfriend Liverpool's "RoboCrouch", well known for his unusual robotic dancing goal celebration, enjoy holiday on the deck of a luxury yacht off the coast of the island of Formentara in the Med during their summer break:

Abigail Clancy (Peter Crouch/Liverpool)

Abigail Clancy, born on 10 January 1986 in Liverpool, is an English lingerie and catwalk model best known as girlfriend of England football and Liverpool's star Peter Crouch. Clancy was also member of girlband Genie Queen, who were managed by 80s popstar Andy McCluskey from OMD.There are rumors about a supposed wedding between Abbey and Peter on next year.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Gabriela & Alessandro Nesta (AC Milan) honeymoon

Recently married on May 7, 2007, 28 year old Gabriela Nesta with her husband Italian World Cup-winning and AC Milan's defender Alessandro Nesta and their daughter Sofia enjoy a day of their honeymoon in Capri, on June 18, 2007:

Aida Yespica & Matteo Ferrari (AS Roma) holiday

Miss Amazonia 2002 the venezuelan Aida Yespica and her boyfriend 28 year old AS Roma's footballer enjoy holiday at the sea side in Ostia, a large neighborhood in the comune of Rome, Italy, on the coast facing the Tyrrhenian Sea, on June 20, 2007.
After winning "Miss Amazonia 2002", Aida Yespica moved to Milan, Italy to start her modeling career back in 2003. She has become a big star in the Italian entertainment business and has graced the covers of multiple magazines including GQ and Maxim. Aida appears regularly in Fashion TV and RAI doing photoshoots, fashion comercials or as a presenter.
Matteo was born in Algeria, but from an Italian father and a Guinean mother. He grew up in Ferrara and has a brother who also used to be a football player.