Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Adriana Karembeu (Christian Karembeu/ex-SC Bastia)

Adriana Karembeu who married former France defender Christian Karembeu on December 22, 1998 in Corsica attend the Americas Cup Match "Black The Party" on June 21, 2007. Although there were rumors in the last time about a supposed divorce between Adriana and "Le cheval fou" they are still together next to their 4 adoptive children ."They say that Christian beats me, that we divorced, that we left together on holiday, that he has a girlfriend... unimaginable things! ", Adriana complains, exasperated by the fertile imagination of the journalists. I understand that the public wants to know about the life of the couple, but "to pretext a scandal in a household and to inform the readers especially when they are false... these journalists did not even require an interview with me, they do nothing but invent! It is incredible and I do not understand this system ",said Adriana.

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MTRA said...

she`s incredible , one of the most beautiful woman, go ahead, adriana, we love ya :)