Friday, June 1, 2007

The Footballers' Wives

They are young,they are sexy and they've got everything that money and fame can buy.
But this aside, these women are curiously old-fashioned.The lifestyle of a footballer's wife seems, in some ways, akin to that of the wives and daughters of wealthy families of a bygone era. They are privileged, but have limited autonomy, moving from city to city at the whim of the transfer market.They are all well-mannered and unassuming - when we go for dinner after the party, they each quite happily pay for themselves - and, it seems, very well-behaved. Even with free champagne flowing, none of them get remotely tipsy. Clothes are a safe way for them to be flamboyant and have fun.
Welcome to The-Footballers-Wives world & enjoy your stay !

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