Sunday, June 17, 2007

Emma Hadfield & Gary Neville (Manchester United) wedding

Emma Hadfield & Gary Neville's wedding on June 16th 2007 at the Manchester Cathedral in Manchester,England.Among the invites,his brother Phil Neville,Wayne Rooney,Paul Scholes,Ryan Giggs with their wives & girlfriends and so on:

Gary Neville's mother:

Gary Neville's Father:

Gary Neville's grandfather:

Brother Phil Neville (Everton) & wife Julie Killilea:

Wayne Rooney (Manchester United) & girlfriend Coleen McLoughlin:

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Paul Scholes (Manchester United)and his wife:

Ryan Giggs
(Manchester United) with his girlfriend:

David Beckham's mother and sister Sandra Beckham and Joanne Beckham:

Brian Robson
& wife:

Davina Murphy

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VoilaLaMode said...

uggggg coleens dress is awfull and her shoes!!!! wtf was she thinking! i feel dissapointed