Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Noemie Lenoir & Claude Makélélé (Chelsea)

Chelsea FC and French international football player Claude Makélélé met the French model Noemie Lenoir the spring 2004 and married her on January 24, 2005.On February 2, 2005 Noemie gave birth to a boy that they named Kelyan.
Several times, Lenoir has threatened to dump Makélélé because of his infidelities (in 2005, he reportedly cheated on Noémie with the Page 3 girl Jamelah Asmar, and was said to be shuttling between London and Paris in an attempt to keep his girlfriends happy). She says she isn’t one of those people who believe it’s essential to stay together for the sake of your children. At the moment, though, the portrait Noémie paints is one of domestic bliss. “We are perfect for each other. He is calm, and I am crazy.” They tend to avoid parties, preferring to watch DVDs while Noémie (like her mother, an accomplished cook) rustles up something spicy and Creole. She doesn’t expect Makélélé to buy her expensive presents. “I prefer acts. If he gives Kelyan a bath, that’s better than a diamond ring.”
In the pics Noemie and Makelele for Marks & Spencer clothes line:

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